Beauty Lessons I Learned in My Twenties

Now I've reached the ripe old age of 30, I thought I'd take a moment to reflect back and see what I had learned during some of the most important years of a girls life. I like to think I learnt a thing or two about the do's, the dont's and the downright "why on earth didn't I know about this sooner?!" Here goes..

1. Manicures and blow dries fix bad days.

Getting a manicure was always a 'treat', for a party or special occasion you know? Not since I realised that every time I got a mani, my mood lifted and I felt more put together somehow. So I decided that instead of spending £50 on ASOS every month (that were most likely impulse never-wear-more-than-once type buys) I would use that cash to get a fresh gel manicure at my local salon every couple of weeks. Boom!

Blow dries! Wow, this has been a bloody revelation. Let's get one thing straight (or not), I cannot make my hair look all fancy and bouncy to save my life, I don't have the skills OR patience, but for £25 - someone else does! If ever I need to feel extra confident and sassy, I book myself in and have never ever regretted it. If you haven't already, go ahead treat yo self! 


2. Eye cream is everything. Never skip it. 

I didn't ever think to try eye cream until I hit 25, thinking it was just for the 'older lady', then I began using the Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair and my gosh, I swear this pot of magic is the only reason I don't have lines under my eyes - yet. Eye cream not only hydrates, but it even helps you look less tired *without* the use of concealer, it plumps and smooths, adding radiance too. It's my desert island product for sure. 


3. Blush brightens everyone's complexion, even on your most tired day. 

I am the biggest blush fan you'll ever meet, I've been known to chase my colleagues around armed with a blush blush saying "come on, you need more blush!". EVERYONE looks better with it, I learnt this early on in my career with Bobbi Brown and have been an advocate ever since. Creamy textures are most flattering on drier skin types, while powder blushers last longer on oily skin types. 90% of women suit cool pink tones, in case you're interested! 


L-R : Utan & Tone, Bondi Sands Liquid Gold, Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze

4. Fake tan is my knight in shining armour. 

Need to wake up glowing and fresh? Fake tan. Hoping to get that "wow you look really good!' comment in the office? Fake tan. Wanna feel more confident in the buff? Fake tan. Feeling down and need to get your sparkle back? Fake tan. Ok, you get the point. I tried them all through my twenties, some turned out more 'tangoed' than 'sunkissed' but I can't deny the spring in my step every time I throw on a little tan. My current fave is the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold, life saver and all round sass giver. All my paler skin girls - get glowing with the Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze, you can thank me later. 


5. The make up wipes have 

I weaned myself off make up wipes in my early twenties, because A) it was getting surprisingly expensive and B) my spot prone skin was telling me wipes were no longer cutting it. So I started using this, which took the same amount of time to remove all my make up, left my skin feeling clean and comfortable AND lasting 6 months or longer, it worked out better value for money too. Score. 


6. Wear whatever makes you feel confident. 

Sounds simple right? Yet i have met countless amounts of women saying "I don't really like wearing make up but my friend/daughter/mother says I should be wearing it." and while make up might make them feel good, its not to say it can make everyone feel that way. Want to wear bright orange lipstick everyday? Why not. Feel really confident when you've got your smokey eyes on? Or feel sexy in nothing, nowt, nada? Go for it. Lots of colleagues I have worked with like to put brightly coloured lipstick on me but it makes me feel uncomfortable, so out comes the nude lipstick instead! Wear what makes you feel great, and if its doing nothing for your confidence, take it off. 


I've learnt many things but out of everything I've learnt, the most valuable lesson is that if you're true to yourself, you cannot go wrong. This includes your choices with beauty products, and armed with the right knowledge and great maquillage, make up can make a woman feel extremely powerful. 

Til next time, Sophy x 


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