5 of the Best Coffee Hangouts in London

It's no real surprise that Londoners love coffee, in all shapes and forms, fancy frapps or straightforward Americanos, you name it, we love it. I for one am always on the hunt for great coffee in a good atmosphere and although I am definitely no expert, I *think* I may have found my current 5 favourites (snazzy latte art at the ready)..


Daisy Green

Daisy Green, Mayfair - I stumbled across this  place last year, and when I say stumbled, I mean dragged my poor suffering boyfriend across London to find it! Hidden down a small pretty street, this Aussie inspired pint sized cafe is great for delicious brunch for under a fiver. Alongside our coffees, we went for homemade granola with Greek yoghurt and fruits, and obviously we had to try the banana bread - not to be missed!

See more : @daisygreencollection 


Brother Marcus

Brother Marcus, Balham - my newest find; this is the kinda place most people would walk past without a glance, but on closer inspection, it's truly one of Balham's hidden secrets. Their brunch menu is what drew me in, reassuringly expensive (!!) but my gosh, you're in for a treat, it out does most average brunch places, just read the rave reviews! Coffee has always hit the nail on the head (it's a latte for me) and for food, try their Sister Special, its...erm, pretty special.

For total brunch inspo follow them : @brothermarcus_


Attendant, Fitzrovia - this was on my 'places to go' list for ages, then one rainy Tuesday I decided to take a trip and experience this place for myself. When I say experience, be prepared for exactly that. What was a former underground Victorian toilet (ok bare with me!!) has now been cleverly restored into a trendy coffee bar, serving the most lovingly made coffee, with an array of pastries and brunch to boot. The interior can't help but make everyone smile, such an usual - but really works - sort of place.

Experience it for yourself : @attendant_uk

Lavish Habit

Lavish Habit, Balham - this is the sort of place you'd take friends or family because you know it will be damn good. As well as serving coffee and food, Lavish Habit is also a relaxed little gift shop-come-cafe. I discovered it 2 years ago while I was on the flat hunt in Balham. It's full of quirky gifts and homewear pieces, but more importantly, they do lovely Monmouth Coffee and its no less than delicious. I would also highly recommend their bacon and avocado toasted sandwich, and if you're in the mood for something sweet, try the extremely Instagrammable fruit bowl! 




Monmouth, Covent Garden - as if I could post about coffee and not mention this establishment. If you love a straight forward coffee that's better than your average, get down to Monmouth for a taste of fuss-free caffeine heaven, and forget having food here, coffee is what they do and they do it pretty perfectly. Usually a queue outside, but we all know what that means. I love the iced latte on a warm day but their flat whites are equally as tasty.

Follow them : @monmouthcoffeecompany 

Where's top on your hit list? Anywhere i'm missing out on? 


Til next time, Sophy x